Charles D. Saums, Jr.
President / CEO

Charlie completed his undergraduate work at Belhaven college and continued his postgraduate studies at the Jackson School of Law. Following this, he began his career in the security and investigative fields in 1970 when he began working for a local security contractor. Since that time, he has worked as a police officer for the City of Jackson, Mississippi, and as a corporate officer for a large, regional security and investigative firm. He has designed elaborate security systems for government agencies, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, retail stores, chemical plants, and two nuclear power facilities. He has coordinated security and executive protection details for some of the world's most prominent entertainers, athletes, corporate executives, and politicians. He has coordinated investigations both civil and criminal on a national and international basis. He has also directed sensitive investigative assignments which called for experience in litigation support and media relations for many national entities.

Robert Saums
Vice President - Security & Investigative Support, Inc.

Robert, a graduate of Louisiana Tech University, has over 18 years of full time experience at Security Support Services.  Prior to that, Robert served as a surveillance operative during summer vacations and after school.  Since 2001, Robert has been responsible for administrative functions and the day to day operations of Security & Investigative Support Services, Inc.  In this role, he has supervised and participated in many high profile investigative assignments on both a local and national scale.  Robert’s investigative experience is wide ranging and he has developed a network of contacts to meet a customer’s needs wherever they arise. 

Patrick Saums
Vice President - Security & Integrated Systems Support, Inc.

After Patrick graduated from the University of Mississippi in June of 2001, he joined the design and marketing team for Security and Integrated Systems Support, Inc.  Prior to this, Patrick spent the summers of his youth installing alarm systems and maintaining security equipment inventory.  Patrick is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a firm that is nationally recognized for providing its customers with cost effective technology solutions for their security plans.  Patrick has wide ranging experience with the service and installation of access control, CCTV, intrusion detection, and other security devices for many of the area’s largest manufacturing companies, hospitals, and other business and residential entities. 

Lance Wright
Director of Service & Installation

Lance has served the customers of Security Support Services for over 20 years.  In that time, Lance has been responsible for the installation, maintenance and service of complex access control systems, CCTV systems, integrated software systems, alarm systems and many other security devices.  Lance, who is well respected across our customer base as a problem solver, has received extensive training and certifications from many of the security industries prominent manufacturers.  Lance is responsible for the installation and service of integrated security systems.

Richard Jackson
Systems Engineer

Richard is a 2010 graduate of Mississippi State University.  In his professional career, he has worked for a large multisite national manufacturer as a mechanical engineer and IT support specialist.  He has extensive experience in multiple software applications, as well as, the design and installation of complex electrical and mechanical systems.  Richard began at Security Support Services as an integrated systems installer.  His current responsibilities include the design, marketing and installation of multi-faceted integrated security systems.